Walter Sickert and his mighty InkDrips have collaborated with The Slutcracker to create an illustrated storybook!

‘Twas the Night Before Slutcracker

available at performances of The Slutcracker, and


For fine art prints of Walter’s work, go to

Julia Van Daam of Alpha Girl Films is rocking post-production for the forthcoming Slutcracker documentary film Slutcracker Dreams.  Follow her progress at her blog!

And check out the AWESOME videos she’s made for us!


Sugar Dish. photo by Caleb Cole

DSI Productions deal with all the heavy lifting: lights, sounds, moving sets around, getting the dancers to the stage on time, making sure there are batteries in the dildos and that the whips aren’t frayed. They also wear snazzy headsets. And pasties. Sometimes.

DSI is the go-to tech team for the Boston freaky-theatre scene.

Check ‘em out! Hire them for your next show!

Robyn Giragosian aka Femme Brulée has been designing our print materials since 2009. Clearly, she is the awesomest. You’ve seen her work around town, I guarantee it. Just because there isn’t a naked lady on your bag of bagels... ;)

Check out her site for more of her work!

city girl cafe
204 hampshire street . cambridge, ma 
catering: 617-864-2806

City Girl Cafe in Inman Square has, from the beginning, provided such delicious, nutritious food to The Slutcracker team, that many cast and crew members have threatened to walk if for some reason they don’t continue.

Patronize their business, or The Slutcracker dies!



The Slutcracker (very fortunately!) joined forces with conductor Mikel Toms of First Creative and the Brno Philharmonic to bring you the Tchaikovsky score with our own, original slutty touches. Buy the CD at one of our shows, or get it now on iTunes!

Classical music is SEXY. End of story.